eLearning.lk and its quest to make online learning accessible to all in Sri Lanka

Among the many challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon us, the disruption to learning has been among the most pressing. We’ve previously covered how much of the education sector has moved its activities online at the tertiary and school levels. Technology has served as a means of continuity for educators. Yet, these solutions are not perfect.

Recognizing the challenges they pose, eLearning.lk, a local education startup, which is also an alumnus of Sirasa’s Kotiyak Watina Adahasak, wants to help educators by offering them locally built digital platforms that meet their needs to facilitate effective learning.

The origins of eLearning.lk

Describing their early motivations, CEO of eLearning.lk, Sanjaya Elvitigala shared, “We simply wanted to revolutionize online learning in Sri Lanka. There were people doing online educational content. But it was unstructured and ineffective.” In 2018, Sanjaya, who also founded Maya Creations, a local web development company, would be joined by a leading expert in telecommunications, Amith Dissanayake, and his longtime business partner and marketer with over a decade of experience, Ian Iddamalgoda. Together, the trio bootstrapped and founded eLearning.lk, to reshape online learning in Sri Lanka. Bootstrapped from its inception, the young startup has enjoyed strong growth since then.

Currently, the company offers 3 products catering to online learning. The most well known of these being the eLearning.lk platform itself. Hosting 100+ courses today covering a range of topics, the online learning platform serves to connect school students with teachers. Sanjaya added that the platform was locally built and includes features for interactive learning and a structured knowledge repository as seen in similar platforms globally.

Today, the platform is utilized on a daily basis by thousands of students attending live and recorded classroom sessions from multiple topline tutors. Sanjaya added that they’re inviting anyone who has expertise in any subject area to register as a teacher and start creating content.

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