eLearning.lk makes online learning easy through locally built digital platforms

As society grappled with the challenges of the coronavirus while stuck indoors, it was faced with several questions. Helping teachers connect with students and resuming education were among the most critical. In a bid to ensure continuity, several educators have turned to technology, relying on platforms like Zoom. However, these aren’t necessarily geared to meet the requirements for effective learning. Seeing this, eLearning.lk has developed a set of homegrown digital solutions to empower educators and bring effective online learning to all.

Founded in 2018, eLearning.lk is a local education startup and also an alumnus of Sirasa’s Kotiyak Watina Adahasak. The company has developed 3 powerful homegrown digital solutions to facilitate effective online learning. The eLearning.lk website serves as a platform that hosts 100+ courses. Over the past two months with an islandwide curfew in place, the platform allowed thousands of students to connect with multiple topline tutors through live and recorded classroom sessions.

Further, eLearning.lk in line with its mission of reshaping the online learning in Sri Lanka is developing its own video conferencing platform called CyberTeach. Built in Sri Lanka, the system has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of educators to conduct effective online classes at an affordable price.

Towards this goal, the CyberTeach platform by eLearning.lk includes features such as an interactive whiteboard and note sharing, thereby not only creating a digital replica of the classroom but also improving on it.

Describing their new product CyberTeach, Cofounder and CEO of eLearning.lk Sanjaya Elvitigala said, “Early on we saw that online learning had vast untapped potential. So while developing our knowledge-sharing platforms, we explored several ideas, including developing our own video conferencing platform geared towards learning. Utilizing open-source technologies, we finished development of the platform earlier this year and just concluded our public beta to a lot of positive feedback.”

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