Search Engine Optimization Strategies That Work in 2022

When it comes to online searching, most visitors won’t go past the first page of results they find. Typically users will choose one of the top five suggestions they see when looking for products and services. We gathered the best ways to stay top of mind and on top of the search engine.

Google Page Experience Algorithm
By May of 2022, Google will roll out its new page experience algorithm. This will rank pages based on their “web vital” metrics. “Web vitals” measure responsiveness, speed, and visual stability.

Focus On User Experience
Businesses need to improve the user experience on their websites. Making sure your site is easy to ease for customers will also help increase your Google rankings and web vitals. Check your site for working links that take consumers to the correct content they are searching for. Remember the easier to use your website is, the more responsive it will be. Be sure your website is mobile-friendly as well.

Creating Quality Content
Focus on creating a solid user experience. You will want to consistently create new content and high-quality content for your platform. Be sure to update any old content on your website to keep it fresh and engaging for your users. By using headers with articles and well-labeled sections of content, you can increase your views and deliver quality content with ease.

Do Keyword Research Properly
Know your keywords well. Related words and synonyms are a good way to ensure you are using the best keywords for your website. Be sure to use keywords in your website pages URL’S as well. Try to use the most commonly searched keywords for your products. Know your customers and how best to target them online using the keywords they would most often choose.

Expertise, Authority & Trustworthiness
Utilize the EAT principle (expertise, authority and trustworthiness) when creating content for your website. You can build trust for your consumers by adding positive forums, testimonials, and good reviews for your products and services. This recognition is an essential way to gain trust and loyalty from buyers.

Start Blogging
You can also optimize your ranking by creating easy-to-read blogs with sections that have specific subtopics. Titles should also be attention-grabbing with strong words and essential keywords.

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Concise Data
Using short clear snippets such as lists, tables, short paragraphs and videos are a helpful way to get views, because Google can easily display that information in searches. Adding Videos can also be a great way to express complex ideas in a user-friendly way.

Brandon Leibowitz is the founder of SEO Optimizers, a Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, California. He is also the founder of, a social media news log. He has been involved with search engine optimization and internet marketing since 2007.